Setkick – CRM solution for videomakers


CRM organizers and online software programs have been spreading through the web 2.0, and the main programing differences, as well as prices, have been a way out for products that seek a degree of prominence. Some very interesting solutions have come up, especially among those aiming toward a more specific market share or specialty, but few have so far shown the level of competence and differentiation of Australia’s Setkick. Founders’s idea was the creation of a complete CRM and project management solution for video makers, film makers and TV production professionals.


Production by-the-minute

In touch with co-founder Matt Drake, Startupeando unveiled more about the project: in general lines, Drake and his colleagues tried dividing tasks related to production and post-production of videos and films to the highest extent, in order to facilitate the work. They’ve not only reduced the load for producers and video makers, but created, at the same time, a communications platform that links all involved in the process.

“Scheduling and maintaining control over cast and crew is sometimes one of the hardest tasks in the management of any film or TV production”, says Drake. “At this day and age, when communications are ever so wide and accessible, this should be the easiest and most effective job, not the other way around”.

He states Setkick can ease the process of breaking the script into particular sections as well as scheduling the full production calendar. The program can assist directors in the management of cast and crew, it has report exporting features and can help establish shifts in little over ten minutes via web or mobile phone.


Vision and finance

Freemium is the most likely business model for Setkick. Drake says that, even though the current beta version is free, their team is working on a price table to accommodate both independent producers and great media and entertainment conglomerates. “Setkick‘s goal is to change the way the film industry deals and manages its casts and crews” is the not so humble company’s vision statement.



Setkick‘s main idea came not only from the common film passion among founders: far from being amateurs, they all possess a broad experience in the market, and that gives them much more credibility. Drake himself, for instance, has been a professional actor for over ten years and participated in productions such as “Watchmen” and “Battlestar Galactica: Razor“, to name but a few. The founder’s also produced and directed a number of short films, among which the recent “The Unvarnished Boy”, part of the New York City International Film Festival.

Co-founder Brian Gaffney has a previous record working in two other startup companies and creating the Portable Film Festival website: a portal that surpassed the 50 thousand monthly visits mark. Hamid Nazari is another “computer crazy” member of the team, responding for the majority of the platform’s codes and scripts.

And last, but in no ways least, the programmer Chris Rickard completes the founding team, having previously led developing teams in three other startups: Portable, Just Leap In and Bignote. In the film industry, Rickard gave lectures and participated in the judging panel of the Hong Kong Mobile Film Festival, 2011 edition.


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