71lbs – save money on shipping, and sometimes get paid back


What if someone told you that, depending on the volume or the way you ship products using services like FedEx and UPS, you could pay less? What if they told you everytime a delivery is delayed you can request for partial refunds? What if for every new shipping you could analyze all their data before making a decision? Peruvian Jose Li, based in Miami, and formerly employee at FedEx and Alibaba.com, assures that, solely by managing those refunds, it is possible to make millions every year.

Li is about to launch 71lbs.com, a system that, after merely inserting contract numbers from services such as FedEx and UPS, enables clients to manage all information pertinent to those contracts in a single place, insuring not only that the best decision is being made in terms of rates and time for delivery, but also identifying and requesting refunds whenever they exist.


Two stages

For those who think it’s impossible to claim back a nickel from big groups like courier companies, Li leaves a message: “just give us the numbers and forget about it”. His confidence is such that, in 71lbs first stage of development, there will be no subscription fees or charges, and all revenues are to be generated by commissions from refunds successfully claimed and received.

The service already offers the advantage of comparing and rationalizing shipping options in a single dashboard – sparing clients the need to search for quotes in several different sites and companies, individually, before getting the best price. Li says some courier services have forms with over 200 different columns which can influence prices and delivery conditions: “the system is complicated for anyone not used to it.”

Step number two of the company would include charging a subscription fee that would allow for receiving complete reports on gain analysis, money saved, shipment comparisons and best available offers.


“Surprising” extras and surcharges

Startupeando asked Li about the name 71lbs.com. Far from having been left to chance, Li explains the limit of 70 pounds is a “magic” limit for shipping companies, after which certain surcharges and extra fees may appear on the final bill. According to him, this limit is respected by all companies, regardless of the custom in a specific country of considering other weigh measuring scales, such as kilos or ounces, for instance: when the shipment surpasses 70 pounds, those extra fees can dramatically alter the value spent in shipping.

These charges are relevant – in some cases, the simple fact of shipping an item that exceeds 70 pounds means dozens of extra dollars spent. Refund policies of companies like FedEx, on the other hand, may offset any extra charge your company can be paying.

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